Monday, March 3, 2014

White House Film Festival

Earlier this year, we saw that the White House has a film festival where students can submit a 3 minute video "about the technology in their classrooms."

One of Emily's classmates from last year has a father who knows a thing or two about this so they put together such a video:

Video in Hi-Def

Then a week or so after the deadline he told me that they got confirmation of the receipt of that video (listen German school!!!) and then two days later that they need some paperwork about the rights of the first born and what else.  Then we were told that they are in the final selection and that we need to hand over more rights - well almost.
Only five children plus one chaperon were allowed and we were told that a showing of a member of the Obama family was unlikely.  We then talked with Emily and she wasn't too thrilled about going there alone. We got an exception though and all eight children plus a second adult, a teacher, were allowed, so Emily said yes to the field trip.
And the day before the film festival they announced that Barack Obama would make a brief statement.

On February 28th, Emily had an early release (otherwise it would have been the first week this year of five full school days), in three cars they headed downtown and went to the film festival.  Sixteen out of 2,500 submissions were selected to show.  All were winners, there was not one single winner.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Und wenn der Schnee staubt...

Finally we took Emily and Max skiing.

So we went to Liberty Mountain, PA.  It was the perfect day, just around freezing, cloudy early on but then sunny. Obviously, we had to get up two hours before sunrise to make sure we're the first ones in line.  Sort of.  Up there, we met Mr. Patrick and Gabriel.

We saw some parameds waiting for their gig and a lot of great skiing from our first timers.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013 and New Year's

Happy 2014!
We already had a couple of cold snaps so we are done with this winter thing and ready for spring, but before we get to that, let's recap the fall of 2013.

First we had a lot of mud and also the big vacuum trucks picking up our leaves
Then we went ice skating and we even saw a penguin on the the ice and we moved from Fall into Winter.
For Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Max paid us a visit and he even brought a blonde Santa with him.
On Christmas Eve, Emily played an angel at church - and Max missed all the fun checking out the facilities.

Right after Christmas we went to MA to check out the snow situation up north and Emily and Max had some time to play with their cousins.  We also went to Portsmouth, NH, so Emily could see the hospital where she was born, where Mama and Papa and she lived, and where we liked to eat.
After that, we had a New Year's Eve party at Grandpa's and on January 1 a wedding.  It was fun to have so much of the family gathering together.  And then the snow came - it got very cold and very, very snowy which was lots of fun.

Upon coming home, Emily decided it's time to finally have some space in her mouth so on the first day back at school, she lost her first tooth.  Another milestone in her life checked off.  Way to go, Emily!

But enough of the talking, here are the pictures.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Early Fall and Halloween

October has been a busy month. First we had to do some construction for Emily and Max' bedroom.

Then Max had a fall celebration

and a field trip to a pumpkin patch. There he got a little pumpkin for himself and one for his sister so we could carve one for each.

And we got a Mama/Papa pumpkin to watch the two baby pumpkin.

We also had to do some raking in the garden.

For Halloween, we had Pooh Bear, Panda Bear, Papa Bear and Mama.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Grade and Pre-K

It's been a really long time since we've used this blog. Many, many pictures have been taken but it's time to share them again in one place. But now updates: We traveled quite a bit this summer, first a few trips to MA, then to Germany and in late summer Erin and Max were back to MA. At the same time we are ready for summer to be over. 

The end of the summer is the beginning of the school year.  Emily is now in first grade and Max switched schools for his last year of pre-school.

To kick off fall, we spent a wonderful afternoon with Erin's cousin Allison on NoVa. The day was a dream come true
First, Allison has this wonderful firetruck that you can take on a walk. But as if that wasn't enough, as we make our way to the playground with the fire truck, we see an animal rescue person looking up the tree. As it turns out, a parrot had been AWOL and he couldn't get it down so he called the FD. And lo and behold a half hour later a huge fire truck with a Drehleiter shows up. How much better does it get - a toy fire truck, a real truck and nobody who is in danger.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Servus 2011, Willkommen 2012

I have a few pictures from 2011:
Max and me at the park (we had a little performance as you can see)
Building and decorating our Gingerbread-House (it was quite a bot of work for the contractors)
My dance class recital with Ms Jessica
My own recital, flying as a bee
Christmas and some of the gifts in action
A fun playground with kind reminders about the rules (and they talk about no revolution being able in Germany because it says "Keep off the grass")
Our trip to Amelia Island, Florida in mid-January

And on that trip, I decided that swimming comes by naturally, a video of that is here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall 2011

Shortly before Halloween, some new pictures from this fall. I have updates on Max and me working in the garden, our trip to the Zoo and the Butterfly Exhibit, our first days (back) in school, my field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, my favorite place - the monkey bars, pictures from a birthday party at the Pumpkin patch and Max' and my heist.

From Fall 2011

Have fun